Q: How do you pronounce Phart?
A: It is pronounced like the name of noise that comes out of your butt. 

Q: Why the dog?
A: He's cute?

Q: How often is new stock added to PhartClothes.com?
A: New items are added regularly. Keep an eye on our social medias (@PhartClothes), website or sign up for our mailing list to stay updated on our latest drops.

Q: What is PhartClothes.com's return policy?
A: We aim for complete customer satisfaction. While we do not accept refunds or exchanges, we can answer your questions and offer you a one of a kind discount code to be used multiple times. On top of this, if you order again and weren't satisfied last time, you will be getting a lot more put in the package than you ordered ;)

Q: How does PhartClothes.com ensure the quality of its products?
A: It is called Phart Clothes for a reason... All of our clothes are scrapped from regular stores and given a second life. At Phart Clothes we embrace rips, tears, wine stains, blood stains, poop stains, and of course fart (phart) stains. 

Q: How do PhartClothes.com prices compare to traditional thrift stores like G**dwill, or their online sites G**dwillFinds.com and ShopG**dwill.com?
A: Our prices are often more affordable, with items consistently priced and stocked such as $5 hats and $10 shirts. Nothing of our items offered is over the price of $20.
On top of this, all of our items are vintage or sought after items. They post BS. We post Phart Clothes
We strive to be the first real online thrift store. We are currently working on becoming a nonprofit.

Q: What sets you apart from (redacted)?
A: G**dwill puts a focus on the community and providing services.
Phart Clothes puts a focus on the hundreds of thousands of tons of clothing and textiles that are put into landfills consistently.

Q: What types of products does PhartClothes.com offer?
A: We offer a range of different clothing items that include hats, tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, button-ups, hoodies, crewnecks, zip-ups, knit sweaters, outerwear, shorts and pants at consistent and affordable prices.

Q: Can I find unique or vintage items on PhartClothes.com?
A: Absolutely! All of Phart Clothes stock is completely unique. Our inventory includes a variety of unique and vintage items, even things Phor the Girls™, perfect for those seeking something different from mainstream retail offerings.

Q: How can I ensure a safe transaction on PhartClothes.com?
A: All transactions are securely processed through our website. We advise against conducting transactions outside of our platform to ensure your security and satisfaction. @PhartClothes and PhartClothes.com are the only ways of buying actual Phart Clothes.

Q: Does PhartClothes.com offer international shipping?
A: Yes, please phart worldwide it makes everyone working at Phart Clothes very happy.

Q: Where can I see what has sold?
A: Take your eyes and behold the Phartchive. A collection (archive) of all of our sold items. Phart + archive = Phartchive